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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Chiseled In Stone

Missing Zion: Day 3 

         Zion Jeremiah Sams..... March 28, 2011 is chiseled in stone that overlays your little body in a graveyard nearby.  Going there never brings much comfort. Most of the time I leave reminded that my baby boy lived..... and then died.  Hearing your name is what I miss so much, my little Zion. I knew you were a boy the moment I saw those two pink lines. Zion has always been your name. We named you before ever getting pregnant with your big sister Ellie. I remember saying "Zion Jeremiah" when you were born. I knew in that moment that I would forever feel this way. Heartbroken, yet so blessed by a baby boy in my heart. It's saddening that a name so special can only be talked about by those who dare to do so. I wish that others weren't so scared to talk about you and that they could say your name without feeling that it would open my wounds of grief any deeper. No...that's not true. It's just the opposite! It's healing balm to this mother's heart! I am just as proud of you as I am your sisters! That's another reason why it's only natural for me to include you in my life every single day.  I know you will never be able to draw me the best mommy pictures ever, win some great award or notable achievement earth side, nor grow to make me a grandmother. However, you have made me beam with abundant joy in knowing that I have a son that has changed so many lives forever. Your name is more than just chiseled on stone for the world to be reminded that you lived, but your name is chiseled on my heart to remind me that true love will never die.

Love ,

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  1. Amen! True love never dies! Zion is your precious son forever.


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