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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

4 Candles


Dear little Zion,
  It's hard to believe, but in just a couple of weeks it will be your birthday again. This will be the 4th one we've spent missing you, and you've spent in heaven. We'll do like always and have a birthday party celebrating your life. Guests will have our annual Zion's tradition, consisting of everything I craved while carrying you. Mexican food and citrus are definites on the menu. I'll watch as children laugh and play , while the adults reminisce and talk of daily life. The neighbors nearby will see us gather round in the yard to send colorful balloons high. They'll have love filled messages written on them and our love for you will carry them all the way to heaven. Lastly, we'll have a birthday cake with 4 candles to celebrate the years of your new life in Jesus, and another year closer to holding you again. I watch as Ellie blows your candles out for you every time and I cry. It's the most bittersweet moment of the whole celebration. I sure wish I could have seen your sweet face filled with excitement as you blew out your own candles and wished your little heart out. It would've been a sight to see you open presents and squeal at each new gift. No presents are given at this party for you but I smile knowing that His presence is the best gift a little boy could ever wish for.  I love you all the way to heaven, baby boy.


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