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Monday, March 9, 2015

Beyond the Lid

Missing Zion : Day 9
Little Zion,
      You were sleeping so beautifully the day you were born and placed in my arms. No boy has ever seemed so precious as you were when I first laid my tear filled eyes on you. I will never forget looking at your perfection and waiting for you to open your eyes, never did. I wanted to see your shiny newborn eyes stare at me while you nursed and look into those same bright eyes throughout the years as you grew into a man. I had a person ask me soon after you were born, " What color were his eyes?" I was so crushed when they asked. That was something that I so desperately wanted to know! I felt that I needed that detail to daydream and imagine you!! However, I have watched you run to me in my dreams a countless number of times since then. Your daddy and I seem to think that you probably had green eyes. Which, along with my flat feet, would've been one thing that you definitely got from me. You are so handsome, regardless the color of your beautiful eyes. You are perfect and one day I will see your eyes opened bright and full of love. On that day neither of us will need an introduction because we have a bond that cannot be seen by the human eye.  Our hearts are inseparable with a love that could never be severed, even by death.

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