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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Expecting: A look back at March 26, 2011

Saturday March 26th 2011
I had waited 9 long months to meet the new little person growing inside of me. The due date was March 26th 2011. I woke up that morning the same as I had the day before, but only this day I had more anticipation that this could be the day!!!  I went shopping and walking anywhere I could find with lively scenery. And of course the much expected "nesting" was a part of the great things I did that day to prepare for my baby. Going over my due date wasn't a big surprise, considering I'm known to cook my babies a little over. I had Ellie 3 days past my "guess date". I just wanted things to happen naturally and on their own time.

That morning I checked in with the midwife and told her how I was feeling and that nothing had changed much, just more excitement. The baby was still very active considering the 1cm of space they had left to move inside my overstretched bump they had carved out for so long.

My mom came over that day to help get all the baby clothes tidied, the baby room cleaned, and my room prepared for the birth. We made sure that we had every thing that was needed to have a peaceful and cozy birth, something I had dreamed of  for a long time. We hadn't decorated the baby room yet, considering the baby's gender was going to be a surprise. However, I had some pretty strong feelings it was a boy. So I had all ready bought a comforter that just screamed "cute baby boy". I don't know, I just had that feeling the day we took our first pregnancy test with this baby.   I did the same with Ellie. I'm 3 outta 3 by the way, working on 4 ! ;) We'll see!

The "cute baby boy"comforter.
My husband, Jeremy, had typed out some of our favorite bible verses to post on the bathroom walls to give me courage and remind me of the strength of God  I would have when I was weak. Those verses, all weathered and worn, still hang on my  bathroom walls today to remind me of God's strength when  I'm weak, as I have been so many days since then.

I  kept a journal for Zion just as I did with Ellie.These are the last thoughts that I jotted down before I got to meet Zion.

March, 25, 2011:

One day before your due date! I have been so anxious thinking you would come early, but you haven't yet.  Guess you'll be like your big sissy and keep mommy & daddy waiting! We thought you would come on Sat. the 19th because of the Super Moon( the closest to Earth in 18yrs.) but no baby. We even took our mattress out on the porch and slept for a while with Ellie and.........No baby! I did have lots of practice contractions that were 9 mins. apart though, but they stopped. All the rest of the week I continued to have contractions on/off but they quit last night! Whenever you come I know it will be in God's perfect timing! I love you! Hurry into my arms.

So there I was, on my due date, knowing that in just a matter of hours, or maybe a few short days, I would meet my baby. I was "expecting" my miracle. 

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